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Lip syncing?

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Lip syncing?

Hi I'm some what new to animation, and I want to know how do traditional animators (pencil and paper animation :) )lip sync their animation (techniques and etc), It seems like it's hard to do (for a newbie like me,anyway) Thanks :)

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:D 2D Animation FOREVER:D

:D 2D Animation FOREVER:D

Ah, someone replies. Well, I done a little animation,but not that much :( I'm in the bouning ball stage (I'm teching myself 2d animation) but I have done a 2 sec crapy character animation :( *signs*


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Hi Neo-Crisi. You're from Germany, too, aren't you?
What you rpimarily need for lip-synch is a breakdown chart of the sound file you're going to animate. On it, there's an indication for every sound produced by a character in every single frame of the (usually) 24 frames per second you animate. You can use freeware software like Monkey Jam to create your own breakdown charts. Some people use Magpie to get automatically generated breakdown charts, but from what I've heard the system isn't entirely foolproof. Doing it by hand may take longer but the result is usually more accurate.
Once they've got their breakdown chart, many professional animators thumbnail ruff sketches to loosely determine which poses get across what is said best. After that, timing is applied based on the information from the breakdown chart. Then the scene gets animated, cleaned and inbetweened.

Thanks, Jabberwocky, and no I'm not from Germany, lol.

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As a supplement to the Jabberwocky's good advice, I recommend the Animator's Survival Kit by Richard Williams. It's the only animation technique book I've ever needed.

It covers typical mouth positions for their repsective phonemes using illustrated examples.

Lip Sync

Load your sound track into the demo version of DigiCel FlipBook. Then you can scrub through the scene and write the letters for the mouth positions you want into the frames where they belong. There's a watermark in the demo version but for lip sync you could work around it or buy the light version for $99 and use it for animation too.

You can download it at

Ok, thanks guys. :) I will check out that book.

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Hey, Neo,

Here's the link to a thread I started a while back:

There are some really good tips here for how to get started with mouth charts. You might find the information helpful.

Thanks for the link,a very helpful thread. :)

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Hi Neo_Crisis, you are going to get a list of books from some of the people hear. If you have a web site, you should post it so we can see what work you have done so for.

Another thing: it sometimes helps to playback sound delayed by approximately two or three frames. The human brain is capable of processing audio information faster than visual information. Giving it even that fraction of a second to adjust to the visual information first can make a scene more easily accessible as a whole.