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Teaching Resources


Can anyone advise me where I could go online to get examples of work by prominent experimental animators of the 20 century. They don't have to be hi res as they are for demos in class for students to give them a feeling for the work. Most of the classic Disney and other commercial studio animation is easy to aquire through channels such as Amazon but teh less commercial work is not so easily available... any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Animation resources

You can check:

The Animation World Network store at

The National Film Board of Canada which has a store and some examples of experimental online animation.

Check for info on Experimental Animation and links to examples.

Experimenal Animation: Origins of a New Art by Robert Russett ad Cecile Starr is a good book on the subject with lots of pictures.

Facets Multimedia is also a great resource for videos and DVDs.

- Marla

re: animation resources

Marla Thank you very much! I'll check those out... :)