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hey i want to burn my movies to DVD, I have burned them to DVD before, i used Nero to burn them, nero only accepts certain types of files and .swf is NOT one of them so i converted my movies to .wmv using geovid,although the videos all burned, when i went to watch then the video quality had dropped a bit and sound lagged a little bit, any ideas?

thats because you used WMVs in my opinion. depending on what you used and how you compressed them. It isnt playing like a regular file but rather it is streaming (iirc)

so what you need to do is go back to the Mpeg or Avi output which will depending on quality give you a much bigger file but will play correctly.

thanks skinny

how much space can a DVD disc hold ? Also what in your opinion is the best way to convert my swf files to avi? should i use Geovid to convert to AVI, I cant test it out Geovid right now because i dont have access to an XP at the moment and geovid doesnt work on me ME

Gabe. there are different kinds of DVD's and you can get them to hold upto 7.5 GB of data though they have some real expensive ones tht go upto 14. something GB. also within the DVD forum there are differences in formats with + and - types. so check up on tht. just google dvd formats.

to get an swf to convert to avi?
Gabe mate you can just output as an avi from within Flash just as you can as a quicktime file or a PNG sequence.

if this is just for your viewing then you can just output it straight. if this is for proffesional viewing i would recommend a tga/bmp sequence tht can be composited, edited and synced in Premiere. You can from there output to different types of iles with different compression levels. this way the files are high quality and syncing precise.

Swf as a format can lag because it tends to render while its playing which is similar to what the WMV does which streams as you play. It can get quite horrible.

avoid using WMV unless you are compressing for web or distribution. It is fantastic for compressing big files to make them distributable but its not ideal for tv.

i exported as avi but

i d/l a "virtual camera" off the internet so that when i tween the camera from the left to the right or up and down or whatever , when u play the movie in .swf u see the movement of this camera happening. However when i export as avi all u dee is see the camera moving but the image doesnt move,,,,,, y is this skinny lizard

i want to

hey i d/l this virtual camera off the internet so that it captures everything within its square parameters, so if u tween it from the left of the image to rhte right u will see what is happening within the image. this works when u export as .swf but when i export as .avi it does not work it just shows what the camera is doing, but it doesnt actually follow the camera,,,,, my guess is because that camera contains some type of action script and .avi doesnt read it?? any ideas what to do?

virtual camera? is this a separate program or a action script? because action script dosent render into avis from what i know.

i dont know what that is mate. i add my camera movements in After Effects. But you can move the camera within Flash itself and that should show.

the flash vcam is a movieclip,and also has actionscript

so thats ur problem right there,u'd have to buy SWF2 software to keep all ur vcam stuff when u convert to avi...