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just curious

The story was interesting, a nice short piece. It had a kind-of feel to it like one of Pascal pieces. You may wont to try to every the pace a little and I did not see any easy-in or easy-out being used.

ya thanks

ya i dont do much easing, the puching arm i eased a bit, and a few other things, i was surprised it got a 2.85 on newgrounds i thought it would get atleast a 3
but a lot of people on that sight just like blood and violence so they gave it bad

It's best not to second-guess the reasons and just try other things if score is what's important to you.


ya i no i was just saying that, in reviews they usually say " wheres the blood/ violence" ,,,,,,that kinda thing

totally cheesy.

just what i needed to see right now.

(just in case your wondering, im not being sarcastic. that kinda stuff is needed every so often)

i liked the whole head stretch then hair floating down thing.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

I liked it!

I liked what you did, good animation and style! Do you have more stuff on newgrounds? My latest has been up for about a week. It can be a tuff crowd to please there, but you know what, do what makes you can't please everyone!