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New Short

Hi. Some of you saw my short Water, this is the second of three and its called Pollution. it is especially relevant if any of you have been to India :D

its made in the same style but without the use of oils.

File info
Size 3.1 MB
Sound : Yes.
Compression : 384 kbps
optimal viewing resolution 320 x 240

would appreciate your feedback.


come on. give me some love. `

I'd give you some love if...

I didn't have to go through "Rapid Share!" ;)



thats probably one of the best animations i have scene, what do you use to make that????????

Water is in this post

we used a bunch of different things to make this, except for some oil painted stuff which were used only in the Water short.
Mostly there is water colours,there are some points which we touched up with crayons but u cant tell :D we created some texture maps and overlays, it is handmade and hand coloured mostly.
we had some plans for post production messing around but almost everyone asked us to go back to the original raw look so we scrapped that.
ive done some other stuff but this is without a doubt the most painful thing we have created. We have been procastinating doing the final short because its just too much bloody effort.
im glad you guys like it.

I liked the colors a lot. Good story, nice pace. Nice and subtle, not overdone. I liked the design of the "spitting man". The parallel perspective background was really nice. I thought the way he "grew" when coming forward toward the camera was a little clunky.

I would have preferred some nice up-tempo Bollywood-style music during the ride on the scooter. I could tell he was on a scooter, I didn't need to hear the noise. I tried winking, and I did it with my right eye. I wonder whether right-handed people wink with their right eyes and left-handed people with their left eyes. If he was winking at somebody on that side of himself, I wouldn't be nitpicking about this. The movable part of the telephone was shaking when the phone wasn't ringing. This is impossible even in Cartoonland. I wasn't completely sure about the synchronization when he was starting the scooter. I don't think scooters anticipate, they just go. Buildings appear to blur in rapid motion, but I don't think they appear to bend, at least not at the speeds scooters travel, i.e., well below the speed of light. The way the exhaust dissipated was a really nice touch. I think you should use the lettering on the door of the truck for some animation-related in-joke. That way, future animation historians will have something to gush about. Some of the shading looked like "busy-work" shading to me.

Generally speaking, very good with lots of nice touches. More, please!

Laurence Finston

wow. thanx for all that mate.

im gonna go back to the studio in the morning and have a look at what you said. some of it might be off because its been compressed to stream, so it does seem off sync sometimes especially when he is coming towards camera on the Vespa and when he kick starts. The side of the truck does have an injoke the Bombay bus service is run by the govt and is abbreviated to BEST and we changed that to BUST which is basically what the situation of the treasure always is ;)
can you explain busy work shading? ive never heard that term before.

I haven't seen the short but I must agree that it's relevant to people who have been to india. I think it's great that you're trying to spread a little awareness of this problem down there!
I'll try to check out the film where I have access to adsl

I didn't have to go through "Rapid Share!" ;)


i know, i know, the site will be up sometime this month.

just use skinny,rapidshare never works for me.i was gunna come back to see if it worked *which i'm doin now* and it doesn't.

come on. give me some love.

i saw u posted this when ur topic only had 20 views,18 of which where probably from guests,lol..patience.

oi, noobster! here you go mate.


great work skinny,i preffered this one to your last,i think the animation and direction flowed better :D

i think the sound could have been better,the AOL AIM door opening sound kinda put me off :p and maybe do a search for sum musicians because i felt some of it was just too silent for my liking.

you and your team keep it up man!! *cough* if u want more feedback post on A.F. *cough*

*who said that?* :cool:

interesting thing that shading idea. actually we did it because the intention was to make it look like an incomplete, draining unfinished world. which is the way it is because of what the protagonist does.
a few people who have asked me at times why i dont finish it ;) i.e. make it all nice, filled in and polished.

haha. ur a funny one.

AIM door??? :confused:
man, im in Bombay no one uses AIM here. i got this done at the studio