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New Christmas Animation!

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New Christmas Animation!

Hi everyone,

I invite you all to check out an animation I did in collaboration with a songwriter. It can be found at and click on "extras"
Comments are welcome!



that is absolutley beautiful stuff. YOu do the music too?

Just everything! The illustration, the styles, the direction; you're a one-woman UPA!

Thank you! I appreciate it.
I did everything but the music, which was done by a talented lady named Elizabeth Johnson.
Thanks again for your kind words!

Sukie, very, very nice!! Respect!!
And the other animation stuff too!! I love the bear-rabbit clip!!! :)

Very nice, it has good energy and moves well.

Cool Stuff!!!


This is the first time I have seen your site and it is sooooooo cool!

I am really into web animation and know that there is a lot of good stuff out there, but I gotta say that your site is real distictive. I don't normally laugh out loud at cartoons. Good work!

Very inspiring.


Thank you, everyone!
I put it on newgrounds yesterday, and got second best of the day, so I'm pretty happy with that! Newgrounds
Thanks again!