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walk cycle

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walk cycle

here is a walk cycle i finished a couple days ago.. there are a few small things i want to change, like his vest. and i think his shoulder may swing too far down.. but i think it came out alright anyways... any comments or critiques would be appreciated...

walk cycle

thanks for checking it out.

brian that is really one of the best(if not the best)walk cycle i have ever seen.I really like the design of the character to begin with and secondly i like the walk.I think his shoulder is fine and so is his vest.I honestly dont see you improving on this. :D

there is something bothering me a bit with the top brim of the hat. I think it is that it hits its top peak when the character hits his top peak. This is happening with the head as well i think.

a bit of layering on them perhaps.

But what it is now is quite good. His legs and waist work wonderfully. I dont see a problem with the shoulder or vest either. His body movements are nice.

It really did turn out great. But as with all can always go back and tweak more.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

thanks for the comment thunderrobot, im glad you liked it.

yea i agree blinkmetoys, i didnt really notice it until you said it, but yea, they do peak at the same time. its strange because thats something obvious i shouldve caught, especially when i was animating it. but then drag and follow-through on cycles seem to give me trouble sometimes. thats something i will definatly be changing.

it is a simple thing thats easy to forget. It can be hard to remember about when making keyframes and stuff. The reason i commented is my teacher caught me on the same thing. haha.

"who wouldn't want to make stuff for me? I'm awesome." -Bloo

Im not sure if I agree with hat criticism...Ive seen much stiffer motion on television...your on the right track