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Ok here is my next step in this animation lip synce project i'm working on. I went ahead and thumbnailed out what i thought was some good acting poses to the dialoge.

Oh I hope ypu'll post the animation! Looks great!!!!

Looks great man!

looks really good, damage! i like the design a lot. its nice and simple. i really like the expression at the bottom left on concept sketches page. the thumbnailing looks pretty darn good, too. i cant wait to see the animation!

Thanks guys/gals for the cool comps. I've had a hell of the time with creating the buttons to stop and play for the my so called quick test of the poses to the sound. Man i really should a payed attention to the action scrpting part of my classes. Here is an update with the comp sketches put to sound and adjusted timing. I hope to have update before the end of the weekend. hahah. Man where does time go?:confused:

Alrighty there gang,

I maneged to get the next step in this before the weekend ended. I'm pretty happy with the way it's coming out. Well they r only more rough poses to flush out the action but it is one more small step to the finish line. :D I ended taking out the last pose as it i felt that it did not work well. My next step is to take it where it looks like something more solid but still rough.

Not a whole lot on this update but it has been tuff work.

its looking pretty good! the poses flow well with the dialouge. is this going to be part of a bigger project? hope to see more soon.

Thanks Brien, unfortunately there won't be much more to this as this is just a dialoge test for fun. I will keep at it till i'm done tho.

Here is todays update.

Nice stuff

Hey Damage, Your stuff is looking great,keep up the artwork, Damage I sent you PM with a question, let me know.


Hey there Gang,

Here i am again posting my junk. Well i took a break from the animation to try and do this little doodle. It's a sketch for a painting i would like to finish. So as soon as i get this done right back to it.

Oh hey dream i got ur Pm. Sorry i haven't responded I'll do that asap. Lates and thanks for the comps.:o

Hey Mr. Damage,

God I'm humbled..............I wish I had a tenth of your talent. Great stuff.


Thanks Cartuneman I'm glad u like my work.

Well here is another attempt at me trying to paint good times... ok ok babie steps just take babie steps:D


Thanks Cartuneman I'm glad u like my work.

Well here is another attempt at me trying to paint good times... ok ok babie steps just take babie steps:D

You are MAGNIFICENT, I like your style, I only wish you weren't already employed, then I would have definately wanted you to work with me on my cartoon next year :(
Keep up your fine pursuits and draw me something special ;)

He who seeks the truth, must first empty his heart of a false pursuit.

Diemeras Dark Angel

very awesome stuff as usual damage! the huge skull-robot is great. i cant wait to see it finished. the life drawing sketches are great as well. good use of highlights on that last one. i should start gettin back into that, my life drawing skills are pretty damn rusty. did you ever end up finishing that dorthy dialouge scene?

Thanks guys i'm glad u like them.

Brien, Im trying to get back to the skull monster but by the time i get home I only have a very small amount of time so i'm trying to do quick sketchs but they don't seem to be turning out that way. haha. Re the Alice i ended up looseing the file and have to make it from scratch. Good times rigth.

Well here is the one for today. Now i did this one in painter... man that is a hard program to get used to. I don't like the way it came out but hey it's a sketch right. :o

He haw i'm rolling now. I went back to the skull monster painting and got a good amount done today. Finished the bg and flushed out the robot. He isn't done yet but on his way. I haven't touched the girl I'm saving her for the end.

Neat! Robot monster looks like Metallo from the DC vs. Marvel cross-over. So apply at Marvel already! (That's right - I'm pro Marvel!)

that's a HUGE improvement from the sketch I tell ya! Really amazing - georgeus work, I can't wait to see the finished picture :D

I'm drooling

Hi Damage,

God I'm loving it..........I'm drooling! I'm anxious to see it finished. I love your life drawing. I had to laugh when you said the net is a great resource for life drawing. Thats what I use today too.(well as long as the kids are in bed and my wife isn't home).
The funny thing is, Before I became computerized I used to go to the local strip club and scketch.

Well, that excuse used to work.:D


Thanks for the comments guys,

Hahhahaha Cartuneman that is funny as hell. I knew a person once that told me the same thing but i didn't belive him. How can u draw in such a dimly lit place and do the poeple in the stip joint or the owner or stripper mind when u do that. Do u ask the or do u just go and do it.

I need to know man i might just try it for kicks.


Hi Damage,

Well if I tell you my secret don't let it get around hahaha.
What I first did was I went to a few of the local clubs and asked if I could do drawings. They didn't mind as long as I had the permission of the dancers. (god the research was so exhausting):rolleyes: The real kick was after a few visits I never had to pay for a lap dance any more.(so very true)ha!

(note) I learned to draw by touch and go too..................:D


Hi again,
One quick question? Would you do me favor? I posted a couple scketches in my gallery. one is of an Indian and one is of a woman sitting. Both are from memory (Since I don't frequent strip clubs anymore) I'd love your opinion, since I truley admire your abilities.



Hey Damage, I'm loving the way the robot is turning out, I agree with you about about using Painter, it is kinda hard to get use to, I hope to someday have enough money to be able to afford to buy the Wacom Cintiq drawing tablet, talk about cool sh-- it's the next evolution between computer and drawing, here is the link to go check it out

DS :cool:

Hahah hey Cartuneman that is awsome. It's definitly something i'll have to try sooner or later. Especially since can't take any classes at the moment. :D I'll also definitly go on over to ur pages and check them goilies out.

Hey Dream thanks for ur comments. Man o man o my i don't know what to tell u about the cintiq. Other than it's a must have. I've been drooling over this piece of equipment since i first heard of it last year. I then got a chance to try it out at this year siggraph and oh man just like heaven. I luved it soo much that i didn't want to leave the booth and my boss who i went with had to pull me away from it.Hahah good times. I luved it soo much that i conviced one of my other bosses to call up the lady to come in to the office and do a demo for us. Again when she came in i hogged it as much as I could. The lady had to leave and i was already animating stuff in it. Hahahaha i lub the cintiq. So much soo that it's a big item that i'm saving up for. The sad thing is that when the lady came in to demo it she mentioned to us that the waiting period had gone up from 8 weeks back order to 12, I swear i wanted to cry. My thoughts that as soon as i have enough money for it i still have to wait to get it.:( .... OOOOhhhhh welll....Geese ok i'll have to stop my ramblings.


Man your lucky to have at least used it even though I totaly understand what you mean about trying to actually own one, I only have a demo CD from a studio showing and explaining how it works, I have to ask you, is it fluid to draw on the surface of the tablet and how are the tools, some day it will happen for me.

DS :cool:

Hey Dream, when i used it, it was awsome. It didn't have a glass top to draw on it has and acrylic plastic type top. Which is cool cause combined with the pen and it kick arse tips it feels just natural. Totally comfortable. The touch stips on the sides r customizable to whatever shortcuts u want to put on them so even if u don't liket he short cuts they have on there u can always change them. I don't quite understand what u mean by tool? If u mean the pen itself, it's way better than what i use now which i my little graphir pen and tablet. Hahaha it does the job right. I've been thinking recently if i should go ahead and buy myself an intouse untill i get the Cintiq but i think i'll just end up saving my pennies to get that. I played with one of the intouse at my local apple store and it is alot better than the graphire that i have. I just want that cintiq soo much that i just hold off rough it.Hahah rough yeah right huh. Also alot of apps that i use are already set up for the wacome so the cintiq shuld fit right in when i get it.

Ok now for todays update I've finished the robot and the bg. I tone down the bg from the last post as i felt it was fighting with the robot. I'm now on the last leg of this I need the debris that the girl is hiding behind and her herself. I look forward to doing these. I guess that is why i try to do the bg first as i don't want to lose interest in the end and just put some crappy bg. Hahhah good time right. I hope to finish this this weekend and the go back to recrating and finishing the alice animation i was working on.

DIEMERAS Dark Angel, Thank u for ur comment.

Ok i've taken some time off from doing cartoony Sketches and was doing for the longest more adult stuff. Now i'm coming full circle again and did more of a folk tale horror one. A sketch of La Llorona Hope u guys/gals like

And here is the pencils since my colors are not that great and so u guys/gals can see it.

Technical question: when working with a Wacom, do you rest your elbow on the table? Unfortunately, my computer desk is too short for that and while drawing with the wrist and shoulder is a good exercise, it can get a bit straining.

Hey Jabberwocky, No i don't rest my elbos on the table but i sometimes rest my wriast on it. I now have a cintiq and the angle helps alot more now. But i find myself doing the same thing on that one too. Hope it helps:D

Hey there gang one i did for today of a character that i think i'm going to bring back hope u like. :D

Hey Jabberwocky, No i don't rest my elbos on the table but i sometimes rest my wriast on it. I now have a cintiq and the angle helps alot more now. But i find myself doing the same thing on that one too. Hope it helps:D

Mmmh, yes, a bit. My problem is that my stylus tends to be a little jumpy when I draw selections and so forth, for which I blame the fact that my elbow isn't resting on a surface. Then again, maybe I just need to adjust the contact recognition.
(And why the heck does everbody around here seem to be able to afford a Cintiq? I'm professionally jealous!)

Ok here i am again tryin to get this going again. I did this one tonight for fun Hope u guys/gals like

omg yes i like
you need to post more sir hahahahaha


wow i love that damage!, your lines are beautiful as usual....hope to see more!

One i did just for fun.:p

ha! that's sweet, again love your line action...colored with markers?

A sketch of a wip i hope to have come to life by Wounder Con 07.
I hope:D

Cartune and Nonsense thanks for ur comments and again i will try and not fall from the wagon on keeping my sketches up :P

Here is a new one for today.


That's awesome!! I really like the colors over the pencils!

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.

Thanks Phreak, i'm totally experimenting with this and see if i can finally find my style of coloring.:D

Great colors Damage,

So exactly what sort of color combo you going for?


Don't know just yet Cartune. Coloring is one of my skills that i let slip, so i'm trying to find my way thrue it and see if I can find a comfortable process for myself. For future comic ventures and what not.:D

Here r some more dev sketches on my Miss A Bomb. I swear it's like trying to cast an actoress when doing this. I'm not sure if i lean towards any of these might just have to think it over for a day or two. Also maybe back to drawing and see if one will pop out for me. Oh well for know for now i hope u all enjoy as much as i did drawin them.:D

Very neat expressions! She seems to be going through different age stages.

absolutly love them, are you going to incorperate all these into your character?


wow! really like your style. very cool characters :D

Here r some more dev Sketches for my Miss A Bomb Project. Still not too sure but i did take another pass at the sketches that i liked from before the most. Hope you like

Jabberwocky: You hit it right on the nose. That was one of the things that was buggin me. So i aged them up a bit to see if i liked them. For the younger faces if i pick one i might use it for her alter ego.

cartuneman: Thanks i'm glad u like. No I'm just searching right now to see if I can find the right face for her. Kind of like casting the perfect actor for the part of your movie in a way. The ones i don't pick i mgiht use for supporting characters if i like em enough.

thee_nethken: Thanks you. Girls r always fun to draw but also hard.

Whooo, drawing pretty girls - I really hated that as a child and tried to avoid it whenever possible. Maybe it takes an adult and "appreciative" eye to catch the subtleties of prettiness, heheh.
I like the new sketches, too, a lesson in facial design. They're all good to me, but also very different. I'm curious since you know her, which one would you say captures her character best?
Sketch A to me looks like the head and face of a very slim and young person, partly because of the long and slender neck, A1 and A2 looking more mature which maybe works better for a buxom super-heroine.
Sketch B radiates innocense, large eyes and petite nose. Maybe carefully adding a little to the bridge of her nose might add some structure to the forehead area. (Just a thought.) B1 and B2 - more mature again, definitely on the hawt side.
Sketch C has something of a classic, somewhat full-faced beauty to me. C1 and C2 develop into what seems to me like a harsher and older version, probably because the facial silhouette gains straightness from downplaying the cheekbone, and the smaller eyes and elongated the nose.
You wrote something about her alter ego - so is she the kind of super-heroine who is outwardly the exact opposite of her heroine self?

man im digging all of these. I think you should create a superhero group, using each one :D yeh.... a group of superheroines...mmmm sounds good huh? haha great work.


Damn good work dude! I envy your 'consistancy' in face patterns. damn.

Yours Truely
Da' Phreak
Neville Howard.