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Cool flash site by


I am Mr.Spot a flash designer .I work as a freelance flash designer Plz click on the link to view my work.

It’s a small presentation I did for a software company

It’s a flash intro I did for a church Group

It’s a small presentation that I did for Corsair

It’s a flash intro i did for a night club

It’s a flash intro I did for an Indian film

It’s a flash site I did for a Ireland based export house

It’s a flash site for an animation company(Working on it)

It’s T.V Commercial that I did for a PR Firm in flash

It’s a presentation that I did for a software company(working on it)

It’s a small intro I did for a sword company

Flash presentation

It's a flash intro for a Presentation CD

It's a flash intro

It's a small flash presentation for a interior firm


email :
msn id :spotinteractive

I have to agree with OD1. I think most of the animation is pretty good, but your masking objects could be cleaner and your bitmaps could be cleaned up. It looks like you scaled them in flash

you have mis-spelled multimedia on the main page. i think your color scheme and overall layout rocks.

hmm... i dunno.

im no flash guru but some of the things i saw werent very professional imo.

jpgs very pixelated. scrollbars that dont scroll. low fps and herky-jerky animations. some wont even load at all. loops that dont loop properly.

A for effort, but the execution has something to be desired.

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I only was able to download a couple of your pieces. Your ISP must be sluggish, and I know my dialup isn't always reliable. I like the look of your homepage, but be careful using comic has a bad reputation, and you'd look much more professional using another font for your main page. I use comic sans for my bubbles, but to use it as a main site font is kind of frowned upon.

I got to see the church piece, and my only criticism would be try and clean your pieces a little better, there are some halos and remnants around your bushes. But that comes with practice and experience. I am going to try and view some of your other work if my connection will cooperate.

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Hello everybody


Hey did u chked out work in flash...........
plz let me know


your flash movies are not loading.