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Audio/Sound Designer Needed

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Audio/Sound Designer Needed

Hi all I require a sound designer to work with me on my new short film that will be three minutes long.I need atmospheric sounds, sound effects and some composed music for my story. If you are interested I can give you more info on the style of the music I want and referrences to film sounds etc.
This is a great oppertunity for a muscian to work within the film industry in film design.


Audio post-production facility offering a wide variety of services including: dubbing, foley, original sound design, audio archival restoration, ADR, sweetening, Dolby Surround mixing.


Hi Annette,

You may want to post this to The Animation Co-op's online project database. Mail will go out to our exclusive list of over 700 independent artists and industry professionals - many of whom do not surf the Co-op forum.

Kevin Geiger
The Animation Co-op

[I]Kevin Geiger
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The Animation Co-op[/I]

What style of sound are you after. Can you give some references. My compositions are all ambient, no violins ect. :o

Film Refrences

Hi there, am looking for a soundtrack for a horror short.

The film references i have are Harry potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, the first encounter with the death eater on the train, the creeking of the womping willow.
Misery, where Annie Wilkes is in the car and the writer is trying to escape but falls onto the floor as she enters from out side.
Other films I have in mind are, Sleepy Hollow, Edward Scissorhands, the darker moments, The Haunting, Creep, Jeepers Creepers, The Blaire Witch Project.
Let me know if u are interested and also if you have some samples of your work.
Speak to you soon.

I may be able to help, but only when comes to music.
You can check my works at

Contact this

Contact this emai id :
He may be able to help you.... He is a Professional Musician

Rahul Aravind

The Pitch of the project

Hi all how is everyone doing on this cold november night.
I just wanted to pitch my latest prooject to you guys so you can tell me what you think.

Project Pitch.

There are two characters in this short story, the main character that is in her late twenties who has recently lost her husband in a tragic accident.

We are introduced to the main character in her daily routine of retiring for the night, switching of the television, switching of the lights, closing the curtains and going up stairs, entering her bedroom and closing the curtains, she is already dressed in her night clothes already to pull back the covers of her bed and drift off into a deep sleep.

In the middle of the night she wakes up slowly to noises down stairs, footsteps are heard coming towards her room, she turns over and tries to get back to sleep when she is distubed again, this time she opens her eyes and sees the wordrobe doors opening, and hears the noise of hangers screeching on the rail and clothes moving in mid air. The main character sits up in her bed and watches the weird activities happening before her eyes.

She glances over at the window and sees it opening by itself as the breeze gently moves the curtain a little, she turns around to her bed side table and sees the hands of the alarm clock moving by themselves, and feels the bed move as if someone was getting into it, she turns over and goes back to sleep.

meanwhile we see the ghost of her dead boyfriend cuddling the main character, his girlfriend in bed with his arm over her, protecting her as she sleeps.

What do you think guys, would you like to see this story animated, do you have any suggestions how it could be improved or what style of animation would work best.

BTW I will also be looking for editors to work on this film with me, if you are interested please PM me as this film is a third year gradation project and will be seen by the big names in the animation industry in the UK.
Thanks guys

If you havent found someone already, i thought you might like to take a look at my website,

I have 2.5 years of film score and sound design experience -my 100+ CD royalty-free library helps too- as well as a strong musical background and a certified Final Cut Pro trainer.
On the website if you look at "audio reels" and click on the SPQ trailers you can get a sense of quality. If you would like more info, email:
Good luck looking!


If you still need someone i'll give it a go. I'm a musician / composer looking to work with film makers ect. I've done some sound design for theatre. Let me know what you're after.