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I am Mr.Spot a flash designer .I work as a freelance flash designer Plz click on the link to view my work.

It’s a small presentation I did for a software company

It’s a flash intro I did for a church Group

It’s a small presentation that I did for Corsair

It’s a flash intro i did for a night club

It’s a flash intro I did for an Indian film

It’s a flash site I did for a Ireland based export house

It’s a flash site for an animation company(Working on it)

It’s T.V Commercial that I did for a PR Firm in flash

It’s a presentation that I did for a software company(working on it)

It’s a small intro I did for a sword company

Flash presentation

It's a flash intro for a Presentation CD

It's a flash intro

It's a small flash presentation for a interior firm


email us :
msn id :spotinteractive

Welcome to AWN Mr.Spot. If you want to promote your work I would recommend posting it in the Show and Tell forum or the Flea Market. Do you do much in the animated character area? I only viewed a couple of your links. Most of the folks here are into the animation of characters and stories. If you are looking for web work, Flashkit or Were Here might be more up your alley.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

Welcome Spot! Hey where do you get your video loops like the clouds in this project...'m looking to start playing with video for BGs or animated props in some of my projects.


get flash videos from here (


You can get videos on in video's section.

Or u can deisgn clouds in Alias Maya software

plz let me know if u need any thing else.

men : spotinteractive