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Here's my student film...
It took me a year to do... 6months for the pre-prod...6months for the post-prod... and about a bathtub full of coffee. :D

Please let me know what you think of it.

Here's the link:

c'est SUPER..
les couleurs sont geniales!

est ce qu'il y a de la troisd la dedans ou c'est tout fais a la main.
l'intro est super..l'anim vraiment elegante...l'ensemble leger et merveilleusement ludique!


Wow, that's pretty sweet. I love the style and everything. And the end was so cool. hehe.


Cartoon Syndicate project

haha. thats cool.

awesome characters. I like the really short little bug eyed penguin.

the animation is pretty nice as well.

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Too Cute E m Z! Penguins are AWESOME!! I really like how it's pretty random and fun to watch.

the Ape

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WOW nice job!

why haven't more people commented?! it's brilliant. BRILLIANT!


Cartoon Syndicate project

Fantastic !! Very good animation !! :D

nice job i like the animation quite a bit. :D

Ow... Thank you all for commenting, it's ecouraging I think.
I whish I had time to make another one... but this time with a better storyboard... ahem... :p

I should have said this sooner, but good work. Did Madagascar have any influence in your work?

Thanks a lot... but no madagascar wasn't even out at the time... But my penguins are nothing compared to theirs!...

That was great!! Wonderful animation and adourable characters. And I loved the ending :D

Well done, man. :cool: I was somewhat annoyed by the penguins talking like The Cheat during the end credits though. :(

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Wow! That's really good! I love the expressions on the penguins, and the depth in the scenes is amazing. Did you use a 3D model for the sign-post?