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Cheap as Free Music?

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Cheap as Free Music?

Are there any good sources for free or INCREDEBLY CHEAP music samples/libraries?

I need toon tunes....and so far prices are ridiculous....i get why royalty free is kinda pricy but the prices i'm seeing are insane!

maybe its' all fair for studios and buisness that can spare that kinda cash. but i'm lucky if i have $30 to spare, let alone $500 and up....

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Website Cartoon Syndicate project


Cartoon Syndicate project

I'm quite into the idea of doing music for cartoons at ridiculously low prices, or just a % of any eventual profit. But if you look around you'll find loads of bored commercial composers who are dying to do something other than a cheesey jingle, or wannabe composers who will do you something for nothing just to get their name on a flic.
If you check my website you'll find some freebies. But also I'm trying to check in here from time to time because I love animation and I want to write some music for it as a learning experience, so I might do you some bespoke stuff if it looks interesting.
Kind regards.

Thanks. I'll keep ya in mind. I did like what you had up. I'm just begining so any substantial project is still a short ways off.


Cartoon Syndicate project

College-level music students are a great source for reasonably-priced original music. Post a flyer in the music department with "tear off" tabs with your phone number and you'll hear from a lot of students who would love to have a credit on a film.

Be sure to offer them at least a token payment for their services. You probably want to get paid for your work on the film, and the composer is no different.

no, i'm just wondering if there are any sites that offer free or really really really really cheap music. stuff already made without finding people to go out of their way to make stuff for me.

might just go check out some polka cds.


Cartoon Syndicate project

Perhaps most of you guys already kno the links. Some guy here suggested that i look up the whole archive of the forum which I did and some other guy (sorry, i'm not good w/ names) posted all these links some time ago. Hope it might be useful.

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