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Check this animation!

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Check this animation!

Hi everybody!
I'm a freelance animator, and this is what i do:
See ya!

You are the mister coo guy!!

absolutely adore it!!
I saw it in the festival a few month ago!!

I consider you one of the very best animators out there doing that type of stuff!!!

CONGRATULATIONS and welcome to this board!


Damn that's good. Almost like flash claymation.

wow... that's really cool....... hmmm, do you have any more? perhaps? Maaybe?
Anyway, that is awsome.

-Seren Jeanes

That says it all :)

Woooohooo !!!!!!! That tha soo damn entertaining ! I love the way you played around with the character and so ALIVE ! Keep the bubble floating !

the animation quality is killer.You realy have a unique technique :D

Very cool!

I was engaged through the whole piece!

Entertaining and fun stuff!




Thank you guys!
Mr Coo Episode 2 is nearly done, but i'm very busy right now and i don't have much time for it.
I have more bizzarre stuff in my old site. I work half time here (it's spanish humour and often quite lame... but it's a living) and the other half i do freelance works.
So if there is any producer out there intersted in Mr Coo, please relieve me from the burden of mediocre bosses and clients, and let my talent flow free like a massive squid of liquid fire.
Best wishes,

mr coo in da hizzouse!

man! its so great that you joined this board!
one of my students found your 'mr coo' animation a while ago and i showed it to the class. we loved it! its so great that you joined, so now i can see more of your stuff.
that short, and all of pascal's shorts, were the class favorites by far. very inspirational stuff for a class of flash animators.
good to have you on the board.

Welcome to the Forums nachotururu. Awesome work!!! I loved watching it. No idea what was going on the whole time but, but enjoyed the whole thing. There's no way I can animate like that I, and I love when people can. My brain just doesn't work that way.

What festival is your animation in?

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

that was really great. i love animation like that.its so unpredictable, one thing just springs to the next. so entertaining to watch. i cant wait to see the next episode!

So I was watching this several times while taking a break from my Animation Mentor homework at 3 am. I love the whole short. It's brilliant! There are a few things that I really really love though. One of them is the elephant-ish feet that come stomping down towards the begining of the short. The detail and solidity of them is really nice. I really love when he is using the key to wind up the car. That winding motion on the hand is soooo sweet. What makes it outstanding is that his hand slows down on the last one or two turns of the key. Handled really welll. Then leading into that, I really love what he does with the samurai sword. Not the cutting the lazy-boy in half, but when he sorta waves it and kinda snaps it into the key. Such beautiful motion to it. And for some reason I always laugh at the cat meows when the big white thing envelops him, desolves and then starts to hop around. And like. Speaking of sound, is that Homer when he says "heh" after hatching out of that egg? Too funny. Great stuff.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."


hey, I like your style !

and the animations are good made as well, congratulations :)

That is so cool. I love the animation. I don't normally like things like that.(stems from too many weird clayanimation things on Nick when I was but a wee lad, it was that Pinwheel show....) But this, I like! =)


Cartoon Syndicate project

Muy buena animación (very good animation) !!

That was some great animation. It looks like you through just about everything into your piece, walks, looks, morphs.

yeh ur pretty popular across the net,i've seen ur stuff before.


Haven't been here in a while but this animation is awsome, how long to complete? DeadSquid remembers the laughing song twins from Pinwheel!





I can't wait to see more!