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My project idea

For my side project i had an unusal idea. I want to make a christmas special where a young boy kills santa clause on christmas and is sent to hell to pay for what he has done.

I'm sure it raises an eyebrow and people are thinking "My god, what's he thinking" Well i wanted to think of the worst things that could happen on the happiest day in a childs life. I saw the idea of jesus and santa fighting in the first ever ever south park and the idea of capturing santa clause in "The Nightmare Before Christmas"

I just thought the idea of hell on christmas worked well with an already dreadful situation where the young child meets the devil. The devil is just a nice guy really who turned out to have a little tiff who god around about two billion years ago. There are probably many extracts of conversation that might cause a bit of anger in some religious people. I'm not making this with offense as it's main focus. It's main focus is really a noramal person being in very abnormal situations.

Any advice, help, ideas etc. It's for my side project so it probably will never get released never know.

So is this a good idea or what, something i should avoid incase it does cause offense or something i should do because it could be funny? Any adivce on that please help.

What are you looking for, software or how to animate. You need to pick the one thing that is most important, out of your prodject and ask a question about that.

Any great idea could be a terrible final product or any terrible idea could be a great final product. It's all the stuff inbetween from idea to final that makes the project... the idea is just the seed. So as far as ideas go, sounds like a good one. Now make it :)