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Animation programs (2-year traditional) in UK

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Animation programs (2-year traditional) in UK

Hi, I'm applying to study animation next year in the UK area. But I find it hard to find information on the net on which schools are considered as the best. I have been reccommended Balleyfermot College of Further Education in Dublin, Ireland.

But I was wondering if anyone could reccommend me a school to apply for in the UK? I would like to draw alot, so it should include courses like this: Lifedrawing, Layout, Character design, Animation drawing, Storyboarding.

Mainly I want to learn traditional 2d animation, and then study 3d animation on my own. (Its just knowing the software right? I mean if you know the basics of movement and acting in animation).

i went to ravensbourne college of art and design in kent.

it was really nice with great (i mean really great) teachers.

one of them worked at framestore in london (did those dinosaur films) and another worked for somewhere else as a lead/senior artist.

nice atmosphere. email ask for sean in animation, and have a chat with him. really nice guy.

*i think* bournemouth was another good one. or portsmouth. cant remember which, all i heard was they have high expectations on the drawing side of things.

i did computer visualisation and animation, the first year is all traditional skills (2d,clay models,pulling faces in mirrors,then computer) and the 2nd year is all about what you want to do. it was fairly open-ended for people that wanted to use 3dsmax/maya and people who wanted to do more traditional, stopframe/cel styles. it may have changed though.

it is a 2 year 'foundation degree' with the opportunity to do a top-up 3rd year.

good luck!