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sick and twisted

the replies to the animated shorts thread, contained a lot of references to the sick and twisted festival i went to thier site but i am slightly confused. would any one mind giving me a bit more of information for greater clarity.

*puts on old fart hat*

Way back in 1988 when I had just moved to Portland, I discovered the joys of animations festivals. Portland was a hotbed of animation love, with Will Vinton Studios right down the street from Cinema 21, where most of these festivals were held.

Collections of shorts were shown at late night showings. I'm not sure who put the collections together or how they got those particular films, but the shows were quite popular. I remember seeing Lupo the Butcher and Knick Knack on their original theatrical runs. How cool is that? (FYI the Knick Knack girl had knockers the (relative) size of marbles, which have since been reduced, presumably at the request of Disney.)

A year or two after we started going, there started being festivals that were named. The one that really took off was Spike and Mike's Sick and Twisted Animation Festivals. Every year they would come out with a new collection of very....odd...cartoons. I never did like my stuff wuite that odd (Lupo being the exception, and I still feel bad that I can't show it to my 13 yr. old son).

S&W was also one of the first ways you could actually BUY these cartoons for home viewing enjoyment, which helped their popularity.

I haven't kept up, but I understand they still have a similar gig going.

They used to have a much better website (or at least passable). But about 3-5 months ago, they took down all of the links and you can barely contact them.

Where are all the links?! Frustrating.

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