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Quick test

Just put together a quick wave for a character in a project of mine. I know its kind of weak, but I plan on adding to the end of it, so you're really only seeing the first part of the animated sequence. Guess I just got anxious to see it move. Prepare to not be blown away.

Images are hand drawn and imported into Toonboom.


This is the second thread I've read in five minutes with the self-loathing.

Tell you what, if we think it sucks, we'll tell you. Diplomatically, hopefully. But don't set us up for it.

Say "Here's what it is, and here it is."

You never introduce your project by saying "Here's my steaming pile." Unless you're presenting a literal steaming pile... to a scatologist... this is going nowhere fast. Never mind.

Here's the truth of the matter... you made something and you're proud of it, even if just a little bit. It's not Fantasia, no. So what? Don't qualify it with "It's short", "It's not done", blah blah blah. It is what it is, an exercise, an early segment... in a nutshell, what it is is practice. In comics, it would be a sketch in a sketchbook. There's no shame in showing off a sketch, and people will know it's a sketch because... it's a sketch!

"I was practicing. Here." And voila, a cute, waving sheep.

Nothing wrong with that.

It's okay. I can tell he is waving. If I saw him in the 70s in a super friends waving bye to the JLA after they saved the farm, it would work.

But here is where I go all method-acting. It's tough to judge these out of context as to what the situation is and what is the motivation.

I see you're experimenting with that Dover Boys (johnny bravo) kinda smear.
Multipltr images and blurs and smears work better on ones at 24 fps. I would ask mysellf is it really necessary. That kind of move into a wave should be from one pose into another. Watch dover boys or that one where bugs bunyy is conducting the Giovani Jones to get the gist.

The timing of the wave isn't bad.


Thanks for the comments.

SpaceGhost2K, you are absolutely right. I actually feel the same way when I see other people with the self deprication. Guess I just have the whole sequence in my head and felt it didn't reflect it. But thanks for the point.

Graphiteman, very good point. I think I was actually keeping it in mind to only use it for one frame on 24's, but forgot to change Toonboom's settings to 24 from 12.

In the next pass I'm going to color the pictures in photoshop so I can add a shadow. Plan on having that up in the next few days.

Thanks again,


......... I actually feel the same way when I see other people with the self deprication. ........

True modesty or genuine self criticsm from a realistic self image aren't bad. It's just that we sometimes use self deprication as a defense mechanism to stem criticsm we anticipate (strangley enough, sometimes from the criticsm we're asking for). If I say this thing which I am presenting is a pile of poop, then I know someone will say,"Aww. No it isn't. It's not that bad. It's actually pretty good."....of course, because they're comparing it to the pile of poop I established. It's a very subtle almost reverse psychology thing.

I think it's okay to say, okay guys element x is not finished/worked-out/looks like crap but I want you to pay attention to element y and tell me what you think.

I'm no expert but I would add some eye blinks, but other than that it's okay :D

James :taz: