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Short film budgeting

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Short film budgeting


I'm looking to apply for funding to make an independent short animated film of roughly 5 minutes in the UK. I was wondering if anyone could give me some tips and advice on what I should include in a budget proposal form. Things I'm not sure about are how much I should pay myself, a producer (would only be a part time project for him/her) and composers. The music part is a big thing actually. How much would a composer normally charge for writing music for something like this? If anyone has any info or knows of any websites with this kind of info, I would really appreciate it.

thanks peeps!


Are you sure you need an original music ?Why?


To be honest, the music is the only thing which I havent given a huge amount of thought to. I'm not entirely sure how that part of it works. When I made a short film before, I simply employed a friend of a friend who was very talented with a guitar and he wrote and recorded it for me just like that! There's no reason why I couldn't do the same again, or ask a music student to do it. My problem is that when I'm writing out a production budget, it doesn's look so good to just leave the music out or the cost blank. I would like to use original music as it's traditional folk music i want and I dont want to have to pay royalties every time it's screened! I just need a vague idea of how much a composer or musician would charge for a 5 minute piece of music to go with a film.

I would appreciate any ideas! Are there any forums where i could ask musicians directly?


Once I crossed the site
I have seen there plenty of the adds regarding all kinds of cinema jobs. And as usual there is much more of those who are looking for work ..Try to put the add there ..

Hope I was helpful

Thanks for your help.

I put up other notices in the websites that you suggested. It just seems that musicians don't look at these sites. Where do those people hide!?!?!?

thanks again

I'm a professional musician, and might be able to help you out. Write me an e-mail and we can talk more.

For the sake of the thread, the best thing to do in your situation is to locate a talented musician yourself.. and make an offer. Usually for a couple hundred bucks (american), a musician will gladly write/record something and let you do what you want with it. As long as you give proper credit in the credit reel, it's usually fine. Let me know if you still need someone!