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camera move problem

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camera move problem

when i try and zoom in on a still image in flash that has its own layer, i can do that simply, i just enlarge the image and make a tween and it looks like its zooming in on the image ....HOWEVER, how do u do this,,,,,,,,,, zoom in on say a picture of a bulidng that has a man walking by, while you are zooming in. I can only do a zoom in on a still image becuase all i have to do is enlarge it, how would i do that with moving images happening

Create a Scene comp

Try this:

Create a scene comp by selecting your still background and the animation of a man walking and then converting it into one whole symbol. To do this, select the background and the animation of the walk and then press F8 to convert it into a symbol. Once you have created the symbol, add as many frames to the timeline as there are in your animation. Make sure that the animation option for the newly created symbol is set to Play Once.

You can now do some camera moves. Let's say you want to zoom in. Let's also assume that your movie has 60 frames of animation and you want to start zooming at frame 12 and end at, say, frame 48. Add a keyframe at frame 12. Next, add a keyframe to frame 48. At frame 48, select your symbol on the stage and modify the scale. Scale it up until you get your required view. Once you are done, add a motion tween between frames 12 and 48 and play the movie.

I hope I made sense. Good luck!


There is actually a free virtual camera that you can use. It looks like a square symbol and represents what the camera is seeing. it is very easy to use. You just tween it like a regulare symbol and then when you make your movie, your movie pans according to how you tweened the camera symbol.

Here is the link to the page describing it. At the bottom of the page you will find all of the links necessary to find the fla for the version that you are using.

Flash Character Packs, Video Tutorials and more:

What if you select everything at once with ctrl-A and scale it up?

howdo u actually do ctrl+a can u explain it in more detail

All good advice but "ctrl + alt + a " to select all levels...

That was a nice info.

The information for the same was really nice... It gave me lot of information. I do have many problems, while doing animation in flash. I too prefer Flash. Its a nice, easy and best option. Recently heard that flash new version has added new features for animators. So just wait for it and i am sure, we gonna enjoy using flash. :)


Ankit Shah


howdo u actually do ctrl+a can u explain it in more detail

thx bluehickey it works now