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new uploads on my website

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new uploads on my website

hi there,

I've just added some new animation test.

It would be grate to get some feedback from you :)



Hi Valentina

I thought your line tests were really good! Really liked the style of the characters and the quick motion, worked really well. When is the diploma film coming out? Looking forward to seeing it finished!

Quick tip: some of your files are a bit big for the net unless you have very, very fast broadband. Maybe try playing with the quicktime options and get them down to about 10-15mb.

But yes very good!


thanks :)

Hi Taylor,
thank you so much for the feedback :)

the film is coming out on december 2005, we've just started animations since 3 weeks ago.. hope to finish it on time ;)

I did the complete character design of the film, and actually I'm doing quite an half of the animations (we are 2 animators,1 background artist, and another background artist wich is helping us doing a little bit of animations).
Then, I'll have to supervising the animations, to keep holding the models.

sorry about the big big files.. I know, I have to replace them with some smaller.

anyway, thank you!


Great Demo!

Hi Valentina,

I loved your demo reel. You have a very unique style of animation. Simple lines..I dig! Also strong keyframes to your anims. I especially like the stitch keyframes at the end. Great backgrounds also. What program(s) do you use?


Hi supafox,

thanks for your feedback :)

the software I use are just toonz (scanning and coloring), adobe photoshop, premiere and after effects (for compositing) and sometimes flash, for simply and small animations.

that's all
for all the rest, there's my blue pencil and blank cells ;)