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u suggest plz!

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u suggest plz!

hey guys
i m new to this forum, posting my first thread, . i m planning to give training for 3ds max to some media professionals at thier home , so i need ebooks , tutorials sites, and yr suggestion . thanks

I'm not sure I understand. If you're at the talent level enough to train people, why not just create training materials of your own? After all you know exactly what it would be good to understand and what might be the easiest way to make it clear to them.

hey scatterd

hello scatterd , i m an animator not trainer , but now so i wanna know & upgrade my theoritical knowledge by read e books & tutorials , thats why m asking . thnx

why pplz are harsh here?

why pplz are so harsh here. i just only want to know where i can get the tutorials on 3d max , just to enhance my knowledge and i m about to teach some architect professionals , so now will u all plz tell me where i can find ebooks or tutorials on net plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Go to and type in "3D Studio Max" and you will find endless sites and if you add "+ tutorials" and you will find an even better list.

How's that?


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thanks ed for yr kind reply

and what abt autodesk DCLM ( discreed certifies learning material)? like, 1) Autodesk 3ds Max 6 Design Visualization Courseware, 3ds Max 7 - Fundamentals and Beyond Courseware, Deconstructing the elements with 3ds max 6, Model, Rig, Animate! with 3ds max u think i have to purchase all these books too ? these books are costly affair for me now

I would suggest before you sell your tutorial services you have your supporting materials in place, to ask the rest of us to lead you to them is an insult.

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its not good to give traning without having proper knowladge......... but anyways. you can find related material from or you can find in google thats it ......