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Free Flash classes in San Diego (no joke!)

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Free Flash classes in San Diego (no joke!)

Just thought I'd pass this info along...
San Diego offers a lot of free adult education classes, and among what they teach is Flash MX2004, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.
Here's the link, you can scroll down to see what they haveSan Diego Continuing Ed.
I took the classes starting in February, and am already getting Flash Animation jobs.
*Note... The class just teaches how to use the program... (ie, no character animation techniques, etc...) but it's a great introduction, and what you do with it is upto you.
Just thought I'd share this. I believe the next classes start soon.

My Stuff=)

Too bad they don't offer this in Atlanta. Here is a link I found not too long ago for a free online course.

Also, here is another website that has free stuff.
(These is older flash stuff though)
The pdfs used to be free but now they charge for them. (cannot download anymore)