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new website and portfolio development

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new website and portfolio development

It's been a while since I posted anything in these forums, so I thought I should. I've been working on a new website (not affiliated with geocities crap in any way) and finally got it posted onto my school's server. It's having some slight image and linking difficulties right now, but for the most part it's operational. I'm still teaching myself dreamweaver to see what the problem is, so I hope to fix these problems in the very near future.

Anyway, my main reason for posting is that I've been working lately on redeveloping my Calarts portfolio for the next time I apply in the winter. Much of the work posted on the new site is going to be included, I think, but the work that I'm almost positive I'm going to include (so far) is located in the "other" category under "calarts". I have more stuff that I'm considering portolio worthy but the images that are here are the ones that I'm almost positive are going to be included when all is said and done. This site and section is in it's diapers right now, but it's definitely going to grow.

The URL to the website is

Any feedback would be appreciated. I hope to add more art to site over the next few months, so you guys are bound to hear from me over the next year as I'm developing a better body of work.


Nice simple design but here are some picky things I noticed:

The font size on the "about" info and others is too small.
When I hit the "design" button the text my eye is directed to the text above and I don't notice the new links to the right.
The "drawing" link is messed up and so are the ones under "mixed"
Nice art work.


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