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Well, I'm posting a daily doodle elsewhere anyway, so I thought I'd replicate them here for the feedback...

I'd like to say that I feel a little self conscious posting my sketches in the same forum as the likes of Danimation, but it helps keep me sketching so I'm going to perservere.

I can't help but notice the complete lack of feedback to my posts. Since my stated reason for posting here as well as on my blog, I felt I should ask for feedback again.

I'm not looking for a fan club, I'm looking for honest reactions, so please feel free to be so. It doesn't matter if you'd rather see more complete or elaborate pieces, pieces that tell more of a story, show more versatility, or what have you, just fire off some impressions, if you have the time.

Here's the catch up, in no particular order. Well, in alphabetical order by file name, actually...

There. I'm all caught up. One per day from now on...