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Cal Arts vs. USC vs. UCLA MFA-wise

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Cal Arts vs. USC vs. UCLA MFA-wise

I got accepted into MFA animation programs at both Cal Arts and USC. I'm still waiting on UCLA.

All three are excellent schools, so it's hard to make a choice.

Is there a philosophical bent between the schools? Are grads perceived a certain way in the industry?

I'd love to get anecdotes and impressions of these schools. It would help immensely as I sort through the official literature, and visit the schools.

I'd like to hear from:
people who are familiar with the program because they hire and/or work with graduates.
industry people who are familiar with the school's reputations.
or any useful information


P.S.: I also posted this in the eductation forum, but thought I'd post here to get industry feedback. I hope this isn't breaking forum guidlines.

Yes, I did a visit and sat in on a thesis class. It was very informative.
I'd tell you more, but I'm travelling this week, and the region I'm in has very spotty internet access.

Well if you could elaborate that would be very helpful because as much as I want to get on a plane to go to California and check out the place, I don't have the money so I am combing the forums.

I got accepted too into the MFA experimental animation program at Cal arts and posted a thread similar to yours but nobody responded....

Congratulations. Maybe we'll be classmates.

I got a great reply about USC on this thread.

Did you happen to visit the campus by any chance?