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a small scene from my animated short.

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a small scene from my animated short.

here's a small scene from the animated short i'm working on. it's the first and only scene i have colored, i just wanted to see how it would look. the background is just a crappy sketch i slapped on there. oh and i know i need to redo the little zip clouds, they aren't big enough and they don't stay on screen long enough and don't really carry the eye all that well. it kinda loads choppy and slow at first, but just wait it through and right click and play it again. i'm sure you all know that but i just don't want "man that sucks, it's all choppy." so ya, i hope you enjoy it.

any comments or critiques would be appreciated.

It's really good, I like the squash and stretch!
2 things:
1. get a preloader, then you won't have that slowly playing version to sit through the first time. Go to and you can get a tutorial or even an .fla with the code you need. It's easy to do.

2.The file size was really huge for such a short animation. You should use flash to color it, not photoshop. It's actually easier to color in Flash than in Photoshop anyways.

Good work overall, keep it up!

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It's great what are you talking about?
I like the way the cat's head pops on and settles.
Did you draw and scan this? Is it Flash? As far as the zip-clouds (Hmm... works for me), If you do add a few more drawings and it is flash, you may experiment by saving the zip-clouds in respective symbols and then motion tweening to an alpha of 0% maybe in the last 8 frames (?)....but just drwing them dissolving works well too. It's a matter of approach.

thanks graphiteman, i'm glad you liked it. that's a pretty good idea with the zip-clouds, sounds like it'll work without animating them over. thanks for the advice. and yes it's done in flash, but they are all hand drawn, then colored in photoshop, then put together in flash.

........without animating them over. .........

If so, make that final cloud drawing somewhat of a moving hold; floating up and squashing....Experiment. DOn't know if it'll work but you don't want to make it too evident that it is the same drawing.i.e: you don't want to just fade it off in one spot in space.

yea i definatly would not want to make it obvious that it was one drawing. the idea i had after seeing it with color, was adding a type of airbrush streak to it, much like the cartoons of the 40s and 50s used so often. but i'm not exactly sure how to pull that off. just something short and sweet, to help carry the eye to show that they went off screen. i haven't really had time to try anything out yet, but i was just wondering if you had any ideas off the top of your head to create a good airbrush streak?