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Um, Need Help For Project!

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Um, Need Help For Project!

:confused: Um, I'm sorry to bother anyone with this because it's time consuming. But would any professional cgi animator or sfx animator be willing to answer 20 questions I have to ask for a school vocation project as an interview? :)

These are the questions. Thanks for any replies :)

1. Why did you chose to be a cgi special effects creator?

2. What are some of the positive aspects of being a cgi special effects creator?

3. Are there any negative aspects of this vocation? If so, please explain.

4. How flexible is your work schedule?

5. What do you enjoy most about your job?

6. Did you attend college?_____ If so, where?

7. Do you feel your schooling prepared you for your career in cgi special effects? Please explain.

8. What colleges and/or majors do you recommend for anyone interested in studying special effects?

9. What is the highest degree you recommend for success in this field?

10. Are there many opportunities for promotions and advancements?

11. Is it a good working environment?

12. Did you have trouble finding a place to work in the cgi special effects department?

13. Was this your first career choice?

14. How many places did you apply before getting the job you desired?

15. What computer programs do you recommend to be familiar with before applying for this job?

16. Is this job currently high in demand or hard to come by?

17. What people would you interact with during the creation of cgi special effects?

18. In your opinion,(and depending on the job of course), what’s an estimated amount of time for each project you are hired to work on?

19. Would a cgi special effects creator be able to transfer to a job in computer animation or vise versa?

20. Does the salary pay well in your opinion?

I would appreciate any comments or helpful tips you might like to share. :D :) :cool:

Um, never mind. Sorry to have bothered anyone. Thank you for whoever tried. The deadline passed but thank goodness I emailed 3 cgi companies who were willing to respond. I'm so relieved. :cool: :D