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new shot movie: THE AWAKENING

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new shot movie: THE AWAKENING

These are the first images of the 3D short we are doing right now. We'll finish it in about 2 months, we hope you'll like them.
If you want to see more, enter our website:

Awakening Short Finished


We started a 6 months ago a project called THE AWAKENING OF CONSCIOUSNESS.

Well, we are done yet and it's ready for download.

We hope you all like it and tell us what you think.

You can download it here:


If you have any problem downloading it, you can find it on Emule with this names:




Hi, there's a surprise in our web, check it out.


I look foward to seeing this animated, I think the lighting is incredible, and the character design is cool too. How many people are working on this project?


Hi again!! it´s been so long since I last posted here, but there´s something new in the web: you can download our demo-reels. We are now looking for a job in the united states firstly as animators, but anywhere is ok if is a good job. We´d like also hear some opinions about the reels. Thanks in advance!!

Get ready

Get ready for the world's premiere at in 1 week!!!

new pics

we are 2 guys working on this. Everything is going slow. We just uploaded some almost finished images from the short. It's almost rendered so very soon you'll be alble to download from the web. We hope you'll like them!!!

New picture

There it goes a new pic. We just uploaded some news to the web right now. We are on the run!

News in the web

Hi, we couldn't finish the trailer yet due to technical problems, but we have uploaded a couple of short movies we did at school. Look for them in THE MINDS section. We hope you'll like them.

I just watched the movie and

I just watched the movie and now watching oggy and the cockroaches on nick india

Very nice work indeed! Way to

Very nice work:) indeed! Way to go! I've also checked the 2d drawings on your website. It's always very exciting to see the work in progress.