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acting clip

Here's an acting clip I've been working on. Tell me what you think!



hey i liked everything about it. Good show. May be a bit of spine animation can make it look better, nice work.


Looks really good David. Is this for the 10 second Club? Just wondering. Any whoo, I like it a lot, esspecially his head movements and his hand and shoulder acting from "mauve" on. Just a few nit picky stuff since it is working well. I think these things could make it that much better. I don't really get what his right hand is doing the whole time up till when he says "mauve." There is some nice movements, esspecially when he says "redo...," but seem to be there just to be there. It's alittle distracting from the head. I think having it move towards him but remain on the table would better show case the acting you have with his head. With that said, I have one very tiny picky thing with the eye acting. When he says "move into her larnyx" I thing his eyes look too far to his left. I looks like he's looking at something off screen or something. I think if there was some white space between the pupil and the edge of his eye it would read better.

I hope that will help you out. I don't mean to be too picky, you look to have all the basics and more covered already.

the Ape

...we must all face a choice, between what is right... and what is easy."

Wow. That's good. Maybe one day if I ever learn 3D I can do that.

But what's the scoop on the model. MightyMew had the same guy, right?

Thanks for the comments! Here's an update

Ape: this isn't for the 10 second club, just a clip I got off and thought it would be fun to do. About the hand gestures, I thought it would be good if the guy was visualizing it so well that he'd be pointing to the things in her mouth that he's redecorate, as if it was a room. The only gesture I'm not too crazy about is "larynx" but I think it would look awkward if he put his hand down for just that part and then picked it up for the incisor bit. I agree with the eye looking too far out for incisor and adjusted it in the update. BTW, I loved your demo reel! Funny stuff.

Graphiteman: Yes, it's the same character that MightyMew was using. It's a free character that you could download off of

I like the original balanced mouth better. What made you go for the slanty semi-smile?

Hey ScatteredLogical: I didn't change much with the mouth except smoothing out the lip synch some. I think the change of camera angle made his jaw slant more noticeable.

Wow, my bad...that's a trip...on second viewing it is less pronounced...and actually a bit more appealing...must've been a passing craze =)