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Project on children story

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Project on children story

Numuste everyone,

With very limited resources and budget we are trying to finish a small project. Since this is our first attempt we are fairly new to the environment, nevertheless we have choose to use Wacom tablet rather then sketch and scan procedure. However, the wacom thing is turning out to be quite the disappointment. If anyone has worked with wacom and can advise us that would be greatly appreciated.



All I can say is it takes practice.

In the right hand with the right software it can make beautiful things. There is a book out there called Digital Character Design and Painting by Don Seegmiller that's a good when it comes to teaching the ins and outs of digital painting.

I've been forcing myself to use it more these days. The problem is that I mouse right handed and write left handed so after all these years of using right hand and eye coordination on the computer I feel really awkard the left to do stuff.

Gee Ed that's really not interesting.


Department of Computer Animation
Ringling College of Art and Design
Sarasota Florida

I've never heard of mouse-handedness. I always just assumed a person was either ambidextrous or had a dominant hand for all purposes. My left hand is more of a sidekick. It helps my right hand hold things, but you never see it doing anything except throw like a girl or scrawl chickenscratch.