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Cal Arts Question

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Cal Arts Question

Hi there. First time posting here, but I thought you guys might be able to help me out. I'm currently attending the Art Institute of Dallas where I'm majoring in character animation. However, my portfolio and demo reel are far from professional quality. I have wanted to attend Cal Arts for many, many years, but wasn't good enough to even think about applying. Now, I believe that my port is up to par with what they will accept. I'm just kind of wondering if it would be a good idea to continue my education. I love animation and there is so much that I want to do and haven't had time for during my tenure with AID. I hope that I'm making sense. Please tell me what you think of Cal Arts and if you believe that it will be worth it to continue what I have started. Thanks.:D


I just sent my application and portfolio to Calarts. I had never heard of the school before 2 years ago. I was always wondering where all the great animators that become household names in our circle came from. I thought there had to be a school that educated the brilliant animators of today, and lo and behold, there is, Calarts. I think the alumni list of Calarts speaks for itself. Can you get any better than that?

Good luck with your application. It's never too late to continue your education, especially at such a quality institution such as Calarts.


no money no problem

People tend to forget Cal Arts isn't the only good option.

For instance Sheridan College has an equal if not greater talent pool of animators. and its 1/10th the price of Cal Arts tuition (in canadian)

Cal-Arts alum

I attended Cal-Arts in the 80's. I heard things have changed alot. For animation you can't beat it.

Welcome Nero's Master!

If there is ONE thing WORTH continuiing, it is EDUCATION! I have no personal experience with Cal Arts, I graduated from Minneapolis College of Art and Design and it seemed like everyone's aspirations were to GO to Cal Arts! :)


Well, hello to you too

Yay, someone replied. I feel special.:D Yeah, I've been wanting to go there for some seven years now, and it seems about time, don't cha' think.;)

Hey Nero's Master,

How's your Cal Arts app going? :)

Hi There.

I've heard great things about CAL ARTS. I wanted to study there myself, but I couldn't afford it. I think it's got a brilliant rep.

Goodluck luck with your application! :D

Thanks for the encouragement guys. :D Yeah, I don't really have a whole lot of money either, but I really don't want that to stop me from going somewhere really excellent. So I'll be paying off school loans till I die, it'll still be worth it.:D

How's your Cal Arts app going?

Still trying. Wish they would send me that catalogue soon. :p

Keep us informed!

SCADs a pretty reputable school also. thats where im planning on going next year. u might wanna check them out as well.

What would scooby do?