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You're Bingo! Bingo the Clowno!

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You're Bingo! Bingo the Clowno!


Does anyone have the slightest idea where i might be able to download 'Bingo'?

In case you don't know, Bingo is a 3d animation created by Chris Landreth in 1998 to show off the then new release of Maya. It was based on the short play by Greg Kotis called 'Disregard This Play'.

If you have any ideas where i might be able to find this animation please do share. As an added bonus, if you have any ideas on where i might be able to download the script from, that too would be great.

I have exhausted all my links and come up blank :o(

Cheers an all that!

Try one of the P2P networks?

Hi, I've been looking for this clip for some time myself (which is how I came across your posting:-) and I think you might find it on one of the file-sharing networks. I'm currently downloading it via the donkey network (using eMule).

If all goes according to plan, I can email you a copy sometime tomorrow if you like.


Landreth also directed The End and Ryan, neither of which I've seen yet.

I remember that clown. I am TERRIFIED of clowns, and they had him all over this one magazine, done realistically of course because it's high-end software.

Mortifying =)


i sent a email to you on how we can be in contact with each other, thanks so much for responding to this :D

bingo the clowno

if anyone ended up getting this file from anyone here please send it to me, please!!! :eek:

Hi Bingo!

thanks for the little taste of the Bingo movie-but now I'm totally desperate to see it; its been almost 4 years since i saw that disterbing clown and have missed it ever since- if anyone out there has it, i've looked in kazza, winmx everything and i can't find it :eek: please, please help me i need Bingo

You could probably find it on Kazaa or a similiar file sharing program.

I have it...

but i don't know how to give it to u.... :o

Did you try here, scroll down to the bottom it's in realmedia format.

Sorry see those links don't work.

Actually AWN has a partial file here:

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