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Meaningful Animation & Activist Filmmakers

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Meaningful Animation & Activist Filmmakers

Please take a moment to post any of your thoughts on this thread...

I am compiling a list of animated short films which have a political or an otherwise provocative activist message. Even films that simply inspire awe, tears, or introspection. Films that tell a meaningful personal story work too. The more diverse the animation technique the better. I'd love to find more films by minority filmmakers and filmmakers working under oppression (i.e. Eastern Europe, pre-1989). Some films in this genre are:

Amnesty International's "Universal Declaration of Human Rights"
Frederic Back's "The Man Who Planted Trees"
Norman McLaren's "Neighbors"
Michael Dudoc de Wit's "The Monk and the Fish"
Bruno Bozzetto's "Grasshoppers"
The Lowenstein Brothers' "Balance"
Mark Osborne's "More"
Stephen Palmer's "Blindscape"
Joanna Quinn's "Britannia"
Blue Sky's "Bunny"
Caroline Leaf's "The Street" and "Two Sisters"
Alexander Petrov's "The Cow"

The idea is to find meaningful animation -- animation with heart and something important to communicate. It's so easy to find collections of the bawdy, hysterical, gross films (which are great too), and so hard to just find these. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

I love that there is a Forum here just for Educators!




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