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need animator for pilot / shorts

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need animator for pilot / shorts


I just finished a FLASH promo of some of the characters of a children's cartoon I have developed. I am currently seeking an animator or studio to do a pilot & a few fillers (all shorts). The pilot is written & stryboarded, other story ideas are written and many more characters also.

Within the next couple weeks I will start shopping to television. So, I would like finished product in that format. I would like to take this to television and beyond. So far it has been 2d based....

I am hoping someone will be interested in the project for some type of a credit to their name or to add to their animation portfolio as I do not have funding for animation. Maybe this will develop into a paying gig when it gets picked up by a network. I hope you will see in my cartoon what I see in it. It is quite innovative and I have a special purpose for doing it in the first place, as you can see from my site.

Please take a look at the PROMO I have put together. There is also an interview to give you further info and also the full version of the theme song.

Hope to hear from you here or by email from my site. Thanx.


Sounds interesting?

Hi there, So your looking for Flash animators are you. I may be interested, I take it there is more details on your site so I'll check it out, then come back. I'm a student taking a degree in animation and will be finishing in the summer, I'm looking for any credits to put on my CV to help me get somewhere in the industry.


You'll probably get some hits by listing your project in The Animation Co-op database. Check out for details on submitting a listing. Notification goes out to our international mailing list of over 600 Co-op members.

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