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What’s hot for computer science graduates in animation companies?

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What’s hot for computer science graduates in animation companies?

I am doing my undergraduation in information science and engineering and was planning to do my M.S in computer animation or in computer science. Before I take up one of these courses I wanted to know what is happening currently in the animation industry that involves computer science graduates. This shall help me take up an appropriate program in M.S.

All my students have recieve a Computer Animation degree so I personally don't know what's hot in the industry for Computer Science majors.

But you might want to try going to the websites for the different bigger CG companies and look at their job opening and see what positions are requiring what degree. I know one of them (maybe Pixar) even lists the better schools for the two degrees. You can always try calling the HR departments and see if you can talk to someone briefly about you question as well.

You also may want to post your question on a forum like that's a lot more technical and where you would most likely get a better answer. The forum on even has a heading named Career and Industry Advice.

Good luck and let us know what you find out.


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