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editing scaning images

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editing scaning images

I'm drawing cartoons on normal paper, and scanning them to the PC, whats the best way to colour them in and make them look better?

Scan and Paint Animation Drawings

The easiest way to scan and paint your drawings to make animated movies is with DigiCel FlipBook ( This is what the animators at Disney, Warner Bros. Universal Stduios, Paramount Pictures, Klasky-Csupo and Film Roman use. It's also the same software used at CalArts, Sheridan, SCAD and virtually every other major and minor animation school around the world.

The New Year's Special lets you get started for only $69. That saves you $145 over what you would normally pay for the entry level version. From there you can upgrade gradually to the same thing the pros use.

Oh, and by the way David, you don't have to turn your pencil lines into vectors to make them look good. If you stick with pixels, which are what you get from the scanner to begin with, your animation will be truer to what you actaully drew.


hey david , there are a bunch full of raster2vector softwares out in the market , more known are corel trace ( and Adobe Streamline and RasVector ........ yada yada, converting them to vector and then digitally coloring them using photoshop or any photocoloring software will help make them look better !

i have these programs

illustrator cs

will these do what you said?

if so could you tell me how ?

if they dont i'll have to get one of them.

I don't think any of those will do it for you automatically. Corel Graphics suite includes Trace in their utilities, and streamline is a pretty good program.

If you have Flash you can also import and trace in it. But with the programs you listed you'll have to import and create a layer and hand trace then color I think.

Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.

i have flash MX, i'll know how to trace them from there, i'll try it ,

you can trace in freehand. it's one of the major tools it is like a magic wand kinda.