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Game Enviroment Design Question

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Game Enviroment Design Question

I'm looking for a book recommendation on creating game environments for artists. It seems there are plenty of resources for game character- but I haven't seen much for environments. Also I'm interested in anything for game props or vehicles. I'm looking for a beginner's book- program of choice being Maya. Please help if you can.


Well Game Design is a quite interesting subject, i must ask what game engine you are planning to run on and posible the genre of the title you are working on.

these can key into what modifacations you will have to do with your texture work, your polly reduction and in some case what your limits are. aswell as what map editor you will be using, Half life 2 has its own, Quake 3 has its own, doom3 aswell, there are even hackjobs for GTA3/4 and Halo PC.

but for th most part there are alot of confrences and stuff where you could find much more than you could from a book.

ive looked at alot and none really do much for you, i sigest talking to concept artists and im gonna see if i can find som lectures for ya i know one form a guy who worked on deusex

but i sugest learning from current level deisgners and such.

i was looking at 1 book which was seeming to be good but my library doesnt have an ebook version avlible :(

More Game specifics

Actually- this is purely hypothetical creation. I¡¯m interested in a book purely for educational needs. Just a place to start as a complete begginer in games, but someone who is adept in the art of 3d animation. If I were thinking polycounts- I would definitely go low/medium. In character terms I could say a 2500 count- but when it comes to environments, I don¡¯t even know what the measuring stick would be. For argument¡¯s sake, I could say working along the Quake engine as a place to start. I want a book for creating a portfolio that would appeal to the average game company. I¡¯m sorry my lack of specifics probably isn¡¯t very helpful. Any help is greatly appreciated- as you can see, any information will be a benefit.