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Digital Compositing...?!?!

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Digital Compositing...?!?!

Hi there my names Jeff, currently attending the Art Institute of California San Francisco, getting my bachelors in media arts and animation. i was first introduced to digital compositing a few quarters ago and felt that's what i definitely want to pursue a career in... our school is mainly character animation based... any advice on what i can start doing in order to come out with a strong digital compositing portfolio? i have about a year left.

programs i'm efficient with are maya, combustion, after effects, premiere.

since i decided on pursuing digital compositing, i purchased a canon XL1, studio lights, green screens and everything...

i know there are several jobs in compositing from rig removals, match moving, keying, color corrections of 3D and real video... with all this under a digital compositors belt... where should i begin?! :confused:

thanks... JePPeRs

first of all you can stop spending hideous amounts of money on equipment

you are better of working with the worst materials and equipment you can lay your hands on. then try and make it look good. most of what a digital comp artist will do will be cleaning up mistakes made on set or adding digital elements.

matte pulling and wire removal is real grunt work. log onto cgtalk and browse the software sections for loads of tips.

just start playing. make some effects shots up. get creative.
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