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lip sync

Hi again.

This time I need some advice for lip sync.
The voices I'm using have all ready been recorded and I need to merge them with the characters but I don't know much about lip sync.

I know there are certain shapes for certain sounds but I don't know what these are and how would these work with a mouth that was just a simple line? My charcters have a varity of mouth shapes, is the rule the same for them all?

Can anyone recommend a good online tutorial?

ANY help would be appreciated!

Thank you. :)

That's a great help thank you!!!!! :D

there's a great little paperback book called: Animation from script to screen by Shamus Culhane. In chapter 15 of the book he talks about animating dialogue in a way that's rarely stated. Yes there are a lot of great books on animating and most touch on dialogue somewhat, but in this chapter he really talks about what makes it work, the approach and basically a walkthrough of how to sync up dialogue and how to break down your keys to get good convincing dialogue animation. This works in both traditional and in 3D.

click here to order Animation From Script to Screen by Shamus Culhane

for those of you that are looking for the BEST book on facial and dialogue animation in 3d, head over to his book Stop Staring : Facial Animation Done Right is hands down the BEST resource on facial and dialogue for 3d. This book uses Maya but the principles can be used for any 3d package, and even some Flash.

i think the most important part is getting the gesture right

try producing a believable animation shot looking at the character from behind
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Great advice, thank you.

I looked at the link to Keith lango and I did find it very useful, but I felt I needed even more indepth advice. I understood what he was explaining, but I still felt I couldn't completely understand how to tranform my scrip to lip sync.

So the book by Shamus Culhane is now on my Christmas list.

Thanks also for the gesture tip! :)