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Just saying Hello

Hi folks,
I've had a wee bit of interest in animation and filmmaking over the years (collected some books and restarted collecting) but did nothing about it. My eldest son who is autistic and has moderate learning difficulties has taken and interest in animation, we had bought him a small digital camera to stop the fights between himself and his elder sister - I've 5 kids by the way and 1 on the way (23rd December), and we've caught him taking close-up photos of his Thomas the Tank engine.
Well as the story goes, I was surfing the net on stop motion animation, and discovered and something that I would have never thought about, was to use a digital SLR which we have. I tried a wee short animation using my youngest son's toy car, and moved it from right to left, yeah it was jumpy but it worked using the animation workshop in paint shop pro. We had left the computer on with the images showing when my son came home from school, he loved it, after asking him if he wanted to try, we gave it a shot - from moving the the toy train: right to left, downloading the images and loading them into the animation workshop, seeing the delight in his face was great and he's eager to give it another go, he comes home every night now asking for studio.

I'm one happy dad :D


ps. all my other kids have an interest too, might have a full production team before long :D

That's a really interesting story. Kinda uplifting in a cute and innocent way. A lot of the interest for animators springs from being mesmerized as a child.


Hey DuncanBerenice,

That's a wonderful story! Congrats on your sixth child soon to join the rest of us in this beautiful world.

It must be a great thing to discover an interest you share with your child!
You also should check out this site:

OT-My paternal granny was a MacAllister.


I want to see some of your work. Get that stuff uploaded and give us a link. How exciting.


Pat Hacker, Visit Scooter's World.