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Just doodling

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Just doodling

Hey all,

This isn't a "short" or any kind of production type animation... just a quick animation done in Flash. Please check it out and offer any criticisms, beefs, pointers, (accolades?) as you see fit.

This is just a brief character construct (the bird) and I think I finally have the procedures worked out as far as the software goes. I'd appreciate any constructive criticism particularly from the more learned (read: "the old farts") but also a "I like it/don't like it" from anyone at all.

My first "CG" if you please but I ain't faint o' heart so all comments are welcome!

here's the link:

looks good

funny-looking too.

if you like you can bend the wings more as it goes down-- even as much as losing the joint for a while.

but if you have already decided against this, it's ok.

Don't worry.  All shall be well.

I like your idea. I'd also hoped to put more expression in the face to help show that he's really not an efficient flyer... but drawing is one thing, distorting objects is another. :)

But as I work at it and learn what keeps the computer happy (it totally destroys your characters when it's not!) I'll probably try to incorporate that into it.

Thanks for your input!

It's a good design and good color choices too. I won't say anything new except maybe that if you're going to keep it a cycle (unless you really are -just doodling-) have two flaps instead of one so it takes longer to lose that initial life. But the leg kick is hilarious.

Thanks for the comments!

I think I know what you mean about the additional flap mean another complete cycle but not just a copy of the first?

Update to the silly bird

This made a bigger file but I like the results. I left the original mainly for my own benefit for comparison but I added the revised Bird in case anybody wants to check it out. It still loops but that's simply for study purposes.

thanks, slodog