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Finding Animators?

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Finding Animators?


I'm almost ready to start recording the voice-over for my animated 3 minute trailer and I wanted to know your opinion on the best place to find up and coming animators who are willing to work for nearly nothing. Unfortunatly, I will not have a budget unless the film is picked up, which is the purpose of the trailer.

Any suggestions you have would be appreciated.



How about recent graduates, like myself :), looking for work experience?

You can contact me at

I look forward to hearing more about your project,


Irish Proverb


An Irish friend of mine used to quote his dearly departed grandmother,"If you are willing to work for nothing you will always have work."

How much is 'nearly nothing?'

2-D animation will never die. The invention of photography did not kill painting. Why would animation be any different?
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yeh. I'd like to know that too. Cause- ya know. Nearly nothing is better than nothing, which is what I got. hey yey! :p

I'm not sure what's even fair. This is my first animated project and I know what I'm asking is going to be a lot. I need 3 minutes worth of 3D animation, what's a fair price to pay for that keeping in mind all the money is coming directly from my pocket?

Also, since the trailer is fairly complex, I think it'd be best if the animator(s) were here in Los Angeles. Is my best bet to look for students? And if so, what are the top schools for 3D animation in the LA area?

Thanks guys.

Lovin is what i got

I am a semi skilled animator. I am pretty expierienced and will work for no pay.
Who needs money? I have passion.
you can contact me at