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Dear Ringling, + Sarasota people

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Dear Ringling, + Sarasota people

Hey ya all,
I am moving to State next year and have been looking for best animation college, and Ringling came out as my first priority.

But I am a bit worry of the Hurricane and Tornado..
I know I probably ask silly questions, but I really need to know as I prepare to answer the same questions from my family + buddies.

Do u guys often get hurricane or tornado at Sarasota?
Can u guys lemme know how craziness is the hurricane at Sarasota? give it a score out of 10

Advanced Thanks :)

From the looks of it the entire campus is poured-concrete and block construction, plus it's a bit inland, and I believe has yet to take a direct hit. Speaking as a state person who is out of the area though, rest assured after this season especially you have nothing to worry about in terms of finding a safe place to be or board as it passes.

Tornados, I'll leave that to the residents...

This year was not a typical year. Florida usually sees one major hurricane a season and though tornadoes can be a byproduct of hurricanes there aren't on average more here than anywhere else.

Sarasota didn’t see any direct hits with all the storms either this year but we did miss a day or two of school because of the weather as a precaution. If there is eminent danger of a hurricane there are emergency procedures for those who live on campus

I think most people who come here from out of state have bigger issues with the heat and the humidity.


Department of Computer Animation
Ringling College of Art and Design
Sarasota Florida

Thanks guys.. Make me more confident to choose Ringling.. But I haven't tried to persuade my parents..I have bad feeling that they going to oppose my decision... :(

Ed, I dun like humidity too, but I think i can sacrifice.. ;)

By the way, Dun u guys think Ringling should open another college at other more safety state like CAlifornia??? :rolleyes:

I just can't find any good school of computer animation at CA.

ooh,I found Calarts, I think they are the best animation school, but Calarts more emphasize on traditional instead of compie anime.

Safety State California! The big one is a commin! Don't forget about your friendly neighborhood earthquakes. I moved out here two years ago and I've felt a couple of little ones. And one where I was sitting on a fault line a year ago in Berkeley, I thought my building had got hit by a motor vehicle. If you look at history a "big one" happens every decade, and we are due.

Don't do nothing because you can't do everything.

Worrying about hurricanes in the southeast is much like worrying about blizzards in the northeast, tornadoes in the midwest, and earthquakes and volcanoes on the west coast. Pick your natural disaster, you're bound to see something devastating near you sometime in your life. But in general hurricanes are usually a week or two of inconvenience every two or three years and you never give it another thought otherwise.

i am glad to hear from Monkey girl and JP Rowland.. It seems the natural disaster at State is not a big worry. It's like everyone there has to face it, is it??

i met earthquakes too, but was a lil one.. a bit shake, and dizzy

Well you have to consider too...Getting as many major hurricanes as we did this year wasn't just "Oh, hey, it's that time of year again" -- it was still pretty big news. Despite what some reporters are saying, this year I think was mostly a fluke; most of the time you'll be in school is out of the season anyhow...

Hello from JoJA


We call Florida the Buffer State.

Fortunately, Savannah and it's environs are well placed against storms and such. I live on Wilmington Island- just above the flood plane - which is across the street.


cheerzzz guyzz

Thankz guys for making effort to reply...

bow :)