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Question:music copyrights

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Question:music copyrights

I'm pretty new to animation, but am learning quickly. (2D) I have a question regarding the use of copyrighted music in an animated short. I am now working on characters and a script for a short that I plan on submitting to a festival next year. Is there a problem using copyrighted music for this sort of thing? I mean, except for prizes festivals are generally non-profit. (for the artist, at least.) I've never been to an animation festival and was wondering if that is allowed.(Submission guidelines seem never seem to mention these sort of details.)

Also, I would appreciate any comments about an experience anyone may have had with festivals. For example, many fests require that shorts be submitted on 35mm, I am using Flash. How do you get from .mov to 35mm? (I told you I'm a newbie.)

Thanks ahead of time for your comments.

Most festivals will not accept submissions including music to which you do not own the rights.