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Flash for cheap?

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Flash for cheap?

Is there anywhere where I can find Flash for a cheap price? Like in the range of 100-125 dollers?

are you a student? then get a student version of it..saves you money

Yes I am a student. But I am not in a college, I'm still in high school.

Doesn't matter, if you use mac, i think you can go to hook up on the education part of their site that indicates your a student and you just need a student ID and your school name.

If your windows, there are websites that sell educational software and im sure on the macromedia website they also sell the student version. School is school and some highschools are starting to offer classes in web design..Good luck tho ^_^

Also macromedia does 30 day trial demos ^_^ its worth a shot if you still have to save money..

Thank you, I'll check it out :)


Sometimes you can find licensed Flash packages on E-bay. They might not be the most current versions, but they work pretty darn good for the discount.

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