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getting out and about

I apologize if I'm insulting anyone by being realtively new and posing pertinent questions right away. I'm in a bit of a rut and am looking for advice- Maybe you've been through it or maybe ARE going through it.

I have graduated from Art College (huzzah!) with a BS in animation/ illustration. I have a decent portfolio that I'm willing to fork out to anyone I think can get it to the right people. I'm searching online for work using Monster, AWN and my school's Career center.

Now, I know that's not much- but to be honest, that's all I can do at the moment. I'm holding two jobs to pay for rent, and am just out of reach of any metropolitan area where networking could be a bonus for me. And to top off my list of sad woes- I honestly don't know where to begin.

Does anyone have any good tips on how to get my work to people who will appreciate it and find it good enough for a hire? There simply HAS to be something the Veterans know that I don't.

thanks for not slaughtering me. :o

or... uhm. :(

this may not be of much help, but...

There is a chapter of Animation Coop in San Jose. Actually, the guy who hosts it lives in Hollister, a stone's throw from Gilroy, as I'm sure you know. We've met once so far and will meet again next month. The members have different backgrounds, and interests, but we all love animation. One member is also a recent graduate.

You may also consider checking out the forum at Animation Nation. Quite a few LA based animators there, and a few of them have worked in the bay area.

I myself am a mere high school teacher with animation as a hobby that I work pretty hard at. But I'm willing to bet that there are some folks in San Jose who can help you get tuned in.

Hope you'll check out the animation coop...

Cartoon Thunder
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sounds like a plan, he man.
do I have to have a project to join, however?

Nope. I need to get moving on putting a meeting together for October... My wife is due (with our son) in November and as it gets closer I have fewer chances to go do stuff...

I'll get something out and on the Co-op web page soon. I'm thinking October 22 or 23 in San Jose, theme unknown at this point.

Cartoon Thunder
There's a little biker in all of us...

I hear yah!

Welcome to the club of frustrated could be animators. (just kidding!)

I too am finding it to be EXTREMELY difficult to even get a foot in the door in anything. I've got great skill, a degree and everything. But the most unerving reality is that 1. There are no jobs, all the jobs in animation that traditionaly would have been Entry Level are outsourced (Yes - I do hold very strong opinions about outsourcing). 2. Too much competition - everybody and their brother seems to be able to make a Flash. and 3. they always seem to pick the "other guy", not because of lack of skill, but because of a difference in styles.

Hmm, make some fanart of the cartoon shows you really like and drop the studios who make them a line or 2. If your confident in your skills start putting up business cards on corkboards offering services. Advertise on newsletters and AWN post a resume. That's all I can think of at the moment for ways to ge tout there and make some noise about yourself. I'm trying that myself. It's sort of working ---- sort of.

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