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How can I find freelance animators?

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How can I find freelance animators?

Hey - This may sound like a beginner question, but I need to know how to find freelance 2d flash animators to work on a project that I've been trying to start for some time now. Can anyone out there help or point me in the right direction?

Any info is much appreciated,


Well, any section of the awn forum, I guess.
There´s a lot of people around.
I have made some 2D work on the internet, you can watch it on:

Check out...

Check out, if you like what you see, e-mail Martin at


Celeste :)

You could post in the anomator's co-op forum, I advise you to give a few more details.

Any more details?

Hey are there anymore details, what are you looking for exactly. I do a bit of Flash.

yes we are ready to do freelance

I am amuthan from india working as animator in a company here in chennai, we are as a group as well as individual, willing to work on freelance project
and more over if u tell about the project in the detailed way then we can tell about in what way we can help you in your project and about the involvement of our team in your project as freelance people.

amuthan meganthan.

feel free to contact

hi here is quality in time with less price

hi Michael,
how is life?hope doing good.if u need our help we r there for good animation in less price.we are a group of indian animators based in Hyderabad, who do freelancing for any individual or for any company on this earth.
if you are interested then u can contact me on or u can call me on +91 40 23535677.Regarding rates we can discuss if u r really interested.we can send u samples if u want.
i am giving u the raugh rates of 2d flash animations-

1 . high quality----------- 700$ to 900$

2. medium quality-------- 350$ to 650$

3. low quality------------ 200$ to 300$

hope u must have get an raugh idea about our rates.if u feels comfortable we can proceed further.byew n take care


posting on animation forums is probably the best way - although you will probably receive billions of emails from anybody and everybody - the real challenge is sifting through them all to find the best.
Macromedia has a job.opportunities forum - is a great resource - flashkit - tons of places.

good luck.

Here is my site and portfolio:

Flash Character Packs, Video Tutorials and more:

Freelance oroject Offer

We are looking for 2D and 3D animators and web designers in (Chennai, Tamil Nadu) for our foreign projects (on freelance basis), hence hereby inviting you to send us your detailed CV with the following:

1. Recent photo (any size)
2. Brief about skillset and of projects handled
3. Contact details
4. Time to reach Nungambakkam

Please forward your email ID and resumes to