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My new movie (Untitled)

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My new movie (Untitled)

Here's some test shots for my new movie.


DAí, rapá. (hey, man...)
Eu achei as cenas muito legais. ( think the shots are realy good )
Parece a superfície da estrela da morte. (it looks like the surface of the Death Star)
De que se trata? (what´s all about?)

It is a video for my band. The movie, like the song, is divided in 3 parts. Each of them is based in the 3 basic laws of buddhism: nothing is lost in the universe, everything changes, and everything you do will come back to you. Sort of like "Star Wars meets 2001 in a nutshell".


Attack Run?, Reconisance?, Rescue?, Joyride?

Any way you slice it, this looks cool:)


Thanks a lot! I'll do the character designs tomorrow, and post them a.s.a.p.
I'll base the alien characters on the blue ones from Fantastic Planet. Cut-outs and all.

Two shots from the space city.

I like the models.
I look forward to seeing it.

Thanks, chin. Here's a few character designs for the 2d part.