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need some advice

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need some advice

i need some advice!!

i've graduated this past may with a ba in studio art (concentration: computer art/ceramics).

i want to a pursue a career in computer graphics/visual effects/motion graphics area.

the degree i have right now-i can't do anything with it.

i know that i have to go back to school but i don't know what degree i should get.

i can either go for my masters (ie apply to Rochester Institue of Technology for computer graphics design) -which i have minimal course work and not a good portfolio or i was looking at the art institute of philadelphia-b.s. visual effects/motion graphics.

i don't know what to do. i pretty much spent 4 yrs at a school for nothing. where do i go from here? masters? bachelors? associates?

what kind of a degree do i need to pursue in order to get into the computer graphic/visual effects field? which degree is better? what should i be lookin for in a curriculum?

any help would be appreciated.

upon some more reading of other posts-maybe i should forget the art institute...anyone got any suggestions?

You can find a big list of schools that teach 3D here.
Definately check out Calarts, Ringling, Academy of Art and SCAD.


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